Aluminum doors and windows

Everything starts from the client’s project, on which we carry out a careful analysis to find the solutions and materials that best meet their needs.

We take great care in the development of our products, from the choice of materials to the equipment used. The aim is to combine design and quality to create a durable product.

The choice of doors and windows significantly affects the overall quality of a home and the well-being of those who live there.

Our aluminum windows are manufactured using the thermal cut technique, which involves inserting low-heat conducting strips into the structure, which stops the heat circulation produced by the metal and guarantees a stable thermal insulation.

windows alupoint

Aluminium Windows

Our large assortment of frames in different material combinations, with a wide choice of shapes, surfaces, colours and accessories, allows us to meet every kind of functional and aesthetic requirement.

Whether it’s a new building, a house to be renovated or simply replacing a single window.

Aluminum Doors

Our doors have shapes which are able to harmonize with the style of any building, integrating with the façade and interior.

Aluminum Sliding Doors

Large surfaces that divide rooms from outdoors. Alupoint sliding doors and glass walls: a wide range of solutions for maximum light, with large glass surfaces and sliding openings in large dimensions.

The slim line of the profiles help to create a very refined look. Your rooms, flooded with natural light, become spaces of wellbeing.

Aluminum curtain wall facades

Curtain walls currently cover the most important managerial, service and company buildings, because they are the most prestigious way of affirming their image.

Freedom of design creativity, stimulating the development of innovative concepts of space and light.

Curtain wall facades are not just artistic, but also a highly innovative technology for creating geometric shapes. The ideal use is to create large glass surfaces and they are particularly suitable for the construction of transparent roofs and skylights.

Glass balustrades

Minimal design, assembly systems with visible and non-visible aluminum profiles. Created to fill your rooms with full light.

Dividing walls

Our dividing walls fit in perfectly with other furnishing systems. The ability to fill rooms with elegance and technology, in every detail, allows you to create rooms of high quality.

A project based on environmental well-being that ensures personalization, acoustic comfort and better liveability regarding man/space ratio.


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