Aluminium sliding doors

Choosing and proposing an Alupoint sliding system means moving towards an increasingly contemporary and comfortable lifestyle.

The Alupoint sliding doors contain all the technology and design needed by a designer to give value to interior and exterior designs: maximum light, excellent taste, ultra-thin design (the range starts from a 50 mm base, up to 150 mm) with an aluminum core.

Compared to other materials, Alupoint sliding doors globally include aesthetics, safety, endurance, durability, comfort together with a wide range of surfaces including natural wood.


  • Sliding doors and windows with 2 and 3 rails
  • Sliding lifting doors for large dimensions


  • Easy to maintain
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • No architectural barriers
  • Optimization of spaces
  • High-level design
  • Unalterability and durability over time
  • Anti-burglary system
  • Anti-theft device
  • Predisposition for automation systems and domotics
  • Excellent smoothness in sliding


  • Sliding series produced with and without thermal cut profiles, can be integrated with the hinged series NC 50 I, NC 50 STH and NC 65 STH.
  • Ergonomic design with flat profiles on the external sides, easy to clean.
  • Water drainage holes inserted in non-visible parts for a better aesthetic appearance and lower product cost.
  • High quality accessories, made of non-corrosive material, suitable for marine environments.
  • Reduced section dimensions, improved visibility and brightness in rooms.
  • Ease of door handling, thanks to roller bearings and anti-friction polyamide sliding guides.
  • High load content.
  • Acoustic comfort and energy saving with thermal cut sections, manufactured in compliance with Legislative Decree No. 311 of 2006.
  • Special design, designed to create a positive image to qualify the product and those who exhibit it.
  • Sliding lifting system for large glass panels with maximum performance and load levels.


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