Glass balustrade

Essentiality, durability and security. The Théatron balcony system was created to complete the range of Alupoint doors and windows.

Théatron offers a wide choice of styles and solutions adapting to the requirements of the project. The choice of colours is virtually unlimited.

The system can be applied to various architectural contexts (interior and exterior) such as balconies, parapets, terraces, corridors, stairs and so on. In all cases it guarantees durability, resistance and unalterability against atmospheric agents.

All the components are made from extruded aluminum profiles with perfect anodising and painting without any smearing or burrs.

The vastness of the Théatron range meets the most varied aesthetic requirements.


  • Unalterability and durability
  • Simplicity in construction, installation and maintenance
  • Efficiency and security
  • Handrails with an easy to use, attractive and safe grip
  • Certification according to current regulations
  • Choice of unlimited colours


  • Maximum height of the parapet 1200 mm
  • Simplicity in the production of profiles
  • Locking of the accessories with expansion blades or stainless steel contrast screws

Lines with uprights:

  • Maximum distance between 1800 mm uprights with overload Hk 100 (1 kN/m) – Private use
  • Maximum distance between 950 mm uprights with overload Hk 200 (2 kN/m) – Public use
  • Possibility of anchoring onto surfaces and stair rails thanks to the use of brackets for upper or front fixing to the floor

Glass Line:

  • Glass module max 3000 mm
  • Composition of glass for overload Hk 100 and Hk 200
  • Anchoring onto surfaces and stair rails thanks to the use of upper or front fixing to the floor

Certificates of conformity and testing. Certifying body: Istituto Giordano S.p.A. Impact resistance according to UNI EN 14019: 2004.


  • Balconies
  • Terraces
  • Stairs or ramps in both external and interior areas, public and private


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