Aluminium Doors

Alupoint entrance doors harmonize with style in every way and resist any climatic condition.

They belong to a superior class performance wise: they can have double or triple seals for an infallible airtight seal … they are safe, robust and non-deformable, they meet important aesthetic, functionality and energy saving requirements.

Various and exciting are the surfaces available, many different colours and effects, a wide choice of lighting associated with glass and great styles with original accessories (handles and hinges).


  • Doors for private homes and public buildings
  • Matches curtain wall facade systems


Alupoint systems for thermal cut entry doors, NC 65 STH Doors and NC 75 STH Doors, adaquately meet all performance requirements.

The exclusive range of original accessories ensures quick assemblies, perfect resistance and sealing, stops draughts and water infiltration.

It is also possible to apply insulated panels or full glass doors.

Aesthetic shapes

  • Maximum thermal insulation
  • Maximum acoustic insulation
  • No draughts
  • No architectural barriers
  • Unalterability and durability over time
  • Anti-theft security
  • Slim hinges make the door aesthetically pleasant and elegant.
  • High-thermal and acoustic insulation panel with an elastic joint suitable for solving, even under strong sun exposure, the “Bi-metal-effect” problem unpinning or caulking brackets with an injection of adhesives.
  • Large range of mechanical and electrical locks (Automated closing functions) and relative parts, even adjustable.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Maximum opening


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