Aluminium Windows

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Aesthetic and structural excellence, excellent taste and technology all combined to enhance and protect living spaces. Great versatility, but never at the expense of exterior appearances.

Alupoint hinged windows are suitable for all residential needs: from historical buildings to “contemporary architecture”, from mountain lodges, to villas by the sea or in the countryside.

Resistant to any kind of weather and climatic conditions, with performances maintained over time, Alupoint hinged systems insulate thermally and acoustically with remarkable energy savings.

The design of the shapes, the many different types of openings, assessories, chromatic surfaces and coatings that can be applied are in line with all municipal regulations and environmental well-being.


  • Windows, doors and french windows for private homes and public buildings
  • Matches curtain wall facade systems


The Hinged Systems include:

  • Thermal cut series: NC 50 STH, NC 65 STH, NC 65 STH-i, NC 75 STH, NC 75 STH-i
  • Series without thermal cut: NC 50 I

Thermal cut systems are the most appropriate answer for current heat insulation requirements (hot and cold) and for the particular need to optimize details regarding aesthetics, functionality and durability as well as energy saving.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Maximum opening
  • High thermal insulation: Uw= 1.0 W/m2K (NC 75 STH-i)
  • Possibility to combine different types of openings
  • Vast aesthetic range
  • Reduction in heating and cooling costs


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