Aluminum curtain wall facades

Alupoint curtain wall facades unleash designers creativity, stimulating the development of innovative concepts of space and light.

Alupoint curtain walls are not only aesthetic, but also a highly innovative technology for the creation of ever more complex geometric shapes in combination with glass, stone, wood and composites.

The ideal use is to make large glass surfaces and they are particularly suitable for the construction of transparent roofs and skylights.

The system actually gets its name from the “flexibility” of its constructive and applicative possibilities.

The versatility of the Alupoint curtain wall facade system makes it possible to create a technically perfect and high quality aesthetic structure, since its connections to the main structure can also be customized with additional structures in steel, wood, etc thus guaranteeing maximum adaptability to different user needs, offering an excellent overall balance.

The ideal applications for residential constructions are the big glass panels for the construction of verandas, conservatories, stairways and skylights, where the use of the façade allows for a significant increase in brightness, solar gain and energy savings.

Unlike what was done in the past, today’s buildings with “curtain wall facade” structures require increasingly sophisticated and integrated systems that permit the creation of particular, sometimes complex, geometric shapes to obtain, from the cladding, dynamic and aerial images.

Due to its aesthetic, durability and energy-saving features, the Alupoint Curtain wall Facade system can be used in new buildings as well as in renovations to replace or integrate new surfaces.


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